Increase your cyber security efficiencies and get full visibility of your network...

without adding to headcount.

Are you inundated with alerts and no real prioritization of what's truly critical?

Are you juggling 40+ cybersecurity toolsets to try to get one clear picture of what’s going on in your network?

Here’s the honest truth: most organizations have no idea what’s really in their network. They're saturated in information they don't have the resources or manpower to make sense of.

But that doesn't have to be the story with your team.

With military-grade Attack Surface Analysis, you can:

  • Scan for vulnerabilities
  • Consolidate and streamline your cyber security toolset
  • Gain visibility of every device and asset on your network
  • Assess and prioritize threats
  • Increase the efficiency of your existing team

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What Others Are Saying

"CLAW is the tool that we need at the grassroots level. Nothing gives me such a deep insight into my customers’ deployments as we do within the platform. Getting early access to this product has allowed us to level up against our competition."

Mitch Mohammed

Founder, CEO M-Tech

"Unlike any tool that I’ve encountered in the space. Creating a composite view of the entire security deployment and synthesizing this into a clear picture makes everyone’s job easier. A platform that can align and observe with little footprint or overhead is exactly what the industry needs right now."

Retired Senior Executive

Leading Information Agency